The Clear Path to Success

Industry certifications help students prepare for careers in high-demand and high-wage occupations, such as IT, Healthcare and Business.

The eDL Career Ready Program™ put students on a clearly defined, national-standard aligned path to explore career options and acquire the technical knowledge and skills to work towards industry-recognized certification and high-demand careers.

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Students can explore a range of course options and choose a career path and program of study that’s right for them.


The eDL Career Ready Program actively prepares students for where the job market is heading - industries with the greatest job growth and opportunity


Graduates with training are ready to pursue further education or go straight into the workforce.

The Power of the eDL Career Ready Program™

Our extensive depth of courses meets state standards and goals for CTE. Our sequenced course programs cover all topics in national certification exams. Ultimately, our three most popular programs set students on a course to obtaining relevant industry-certification.

Get Started

Students explore careers through introductory “Career Explorer” courses.


Students proceed through their career track, which consists of “Career Launcher” courses. Upon completion, they may be prepared to take mini certification exams.


Students take the “Career Concentrator” courses in their chosen career track, preparing them to take industry-endorsed certification exams.

Focus On High-Demand Areas

Our most popular career clusters set students on a course to achieving relevant certifications.

Information Technology
+ Robotics

Information Technology
Network Systems
Web & Digital Communications

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Health Science

Therapeutic Services
Diagnostic Services
Biotechnology Research & Development

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Business Management & Administration
+ Marketing



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