eDynamic Empowered Educators

eDynamic Empowered Educators

The eDynamic Empowered Educators Program is a community of eDynamic Learning users and administrators across all our product lines, including Digital Curriculum, Knowledge Matters simulations, and Learning Blade. We strive to support our educators through connection, opportunity, and access. 

Be a Part of the Community 


Join regular, quarterly virtual meetings that enable empowered educators to connect. During these meetings, we will facilitate conversations on topics of interest and best practices.


Be among the first customers approached to help us lead outreach and advocacy through our thought leadership efforts, including presenting on webinars, writing blog posts, being interviewed for white papers, and speaking at trade shows. 


Gain access to eDynamic Learning leaders and experts by joining our trusted community of empowered educators. 

Member Requirements

  • Be a full-time educator working in a K12 or higher education organization
  • Be a user or administrator of one or more eDynamic Learning products, including eDynamic Learning Digital Curriculum, Knowledge Matters Simulations, or Learning Blade
  • Provide a written testimonial on the benefits and impact of eDynamic Learning (as part of your application)
  • Be willing to participate in our annual customer survey

Program Benefits

  • Quarterly meetings to connect with other eDynamic Empowered Educators
  • e3 badge to be used on LinkedIn, email signature, etc.
  • Published testimonial
  • Opportunities to:
    • Participate at conferences
    • Author blogs 
    • Speak on webinars
    • Serve as a reference
    • Develop a success story article

Hear from other eDynamic Empowered Educators

quoteAs a teacher and parent, I love to see each step we make toward teaching and learning in the 21st Century (we’ve been in it for 21 years) and I love to see the exciting opportunities all our students, including my son, have that I didn’t have in high school. eDynamic Learning does so much to challenge teachers, ignite learning, and prepare students for a future that doesn’t exist. I’m grateful that Kodiak High School offers the nexus of high quality, passionate teachers and the most up to date and engaging content eDynamic Learning has to offer. It’s incredible to see where it is happening and now the door is opening to move this forward in more classrooms.

Nicole Fuerst, Head Teacher of AKTEACH

Kodiak Island Borough School District, Alaska

quoteTeaching is my passion and I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing my students to the IT field using these courses. In the Unit 2 of the Principles of IT course activity, they are asked to create a website using Google Sites. My students loved this activity. In fact, my students were so excited about creating their own websites that they asked if they could share their websites with one another. My students had a blast sharing their websites and were so encouraging to one another. I have had students tell me how much they love my class and they regularly thank me for teaching them. This is what makes my job so rewarding.

Kimberly Schor, Technology Instructor

Branson School Online, Colorado

Teacher Helping Student
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