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P.A.S.S. Promise

Preparing & Assessing Skilled Students (PASS)

eDynamic Learning is North America’s largest publisher of digital curriculum for Career Technical Education (CTE), supporting high demand career fields that lead to industry-recognized certifications. eDynamic Learning’s Career Ready sequenced courseware is backwards designed to meet national and industry certification exam standards and equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare and earn the certifications. These CTE course pathways come with the eDynamic Learning P.A.S.S. Promise. We’re so confident your students will pass these exams, that we will pay for them to retake the tests if they don’t.

Many careers today recognize industry certifications to show mastery of, or competency in, specific knowledge, skills, or processes measured against a set of accepted standards. These are awarded through an assessment and validation of skills in cooperation with a business, trade association, or other industry groups.


1-Year Courses Leading to Industry Certifications

eDynamic Learning offers many popular Career Ready courses that are designed to prepare students for industry certification exams after just one year of coursework. After completing these courses, students are eligible to take the certification exams listed on this flier.

Sequenced Courses Leading to Industry Certifications

The eDynamic Learning Career Ready sequenced CTE pathway courseware prepares students for one, or more,  industry certification exams.  After completing these courses in sequence, students are eligible to take the certification exams listed on this flier.

Career Ready Program

Healthcare Courses

Industry certifications help students prepare for careers in high-demand and high-wage occupations, such as IT, Healthcare, and Business.

The eDynamic Learning Career Ready Program offers high school students sequenced learning tracks aligned to national and examination standards. These tracks put students on a path to obtain industry certifications, prepare them for employment, and identify the next steps in their career journey.

How It Works

Certification Qualifying Requirements

If a student is unsuccessful in passing an industry certification exam as part of eDynamic Learning’s Career Ready CTE Pathway P.A.S.S. Promise program and offered through eDynamic Learning, we will pay the fee for the student to retake the certification exam. School will share the results of their retake with eDynamic Learning. The requirements for payment from eDynamic Learning include:

  1. eDynamic Learning only guarantees students will pass certifications that are tied to the CTE Pathways offered in the eDynamic Learning P.A.S.S. Promise program as listed on the eDynamic Learning website materials. 
  2. Students need to complete and pass the course or the sequence of courses for the certification exam as prescribed by eDynamic Learning. Guarantee applies if student has met all curriculum and, where applicable, any practicum requirements.
  3. Certification exams must be organized and paid for by the participating school/school district.
  4. Exam version must be consistent with the alignment to the eDynamic Learning Pathway.
  5. Schools can provide proof of payment for the student exam.
  6. When student does not achieve a score to qualify for certification:
    • School will provide de-identified score data from first exam attempt.
    • School agrees to provide de-identified data from second exam attempt.
  7. School agrees that they will not provide any data to eDynamic Learning that is not allowed under state and federal data sharing laws.
  8. All courses must be purchased and distributed by eDynamic Learning.
  9. Teachers are willing to verify that they did not delete or remove any units, lessons, or activities from the courses completed (the IT courses feature scenario based questions, which are crucial for that pathway).
  10. The guarantee applies to exams taken in the current school year and cannot be applied retroactively.

*Certification Exams are third-party property and subject to change. eDynamic Learning pathway alignment and course sequences do not guarantee that exams will be available in the future. Exam availability is at the sole discretion of the third-party providers.

Request Certification Reimbursement

Industry Certification Testing Registration Sites

Select a certification below to learn how to register students for the exams. * Please note these websites below are subject to change as these are provided by external certifying organizations.

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