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Students who have access to career and technical education (CTE) and industry certifications are better prepared for life after graduation, whether their path takes them directly into the workplace or on to college. Simultaneously, students who participate in CTE programs are much more likely to graduate on time (94% compared to 86%) according to the US Department of Education.

eDynamic Learning strives to provide the robust set of instructional resources educators need to build and grow CTE programs that impact student outcomes.

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Expanding Your CTE Pathways

Whether you are starting a new CTE program, filling gaps in your existing program’s resources, or looking to expand the CTE pathways you offer, eDynamic Learning can support your growing CTE program.

CTE Pathway Curriculum

Digital Curriculum from eDynamic Learning provides the depth and breadth of course curriculum you need for your CTE programs. With our Career Ready Program, you can support over 43 pathways, leading to nearly 100 industry-recognized certifications. Additionally, our award-winning curriculum provides a consistent, best-in-class instructional framework and up-to-date content, with the tools and support teachers and students can use to thrive.

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CTE Instructional Services

Instructional Services from eDynamic Learning are aligned with our robust catalog of courses and can be a great tool as your CTE program expands. Whether you want to offer several pathways and courses, but they may have too small enrollment to support an onsite teacher or if you are having trouble finding qualified instructors for these specialized courses, we can help design a solution to meet your needs.

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A Comprehensive CTE Program

CTE is more than just career tracks and pathways. Before students begin in career cluster programs, discovering their passions earlier can set them up for success. eDynamic Learning’s mission is to support robust CTE programs starting as early as in the middle grades. Our goal is to foster career awareness and exploration, increase high school graduation by engaging students in courses that give them purpose such as CTE, and help them prepare for life through skills development such as interpersonal and employability skills.

We take pride in the fact that our solutions and services are designed to support educators as they guide students on a transformative journey of exploration, engage them in learning, and enable them to partake in real-world experiences.

Career Awareness and Exploration

As important as the pathways themselves, career awareness and exploration is key. Research has found that in fact the middle grades (5-9) are an ideal time in a student’s development to introduce new careers and begin imagining their future plans.

Career Campus

Learning Blade

Interdisciplinary lessons for STEM, CS, and career awareness in the middle grades (5-9) aligned to state standards.

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Middle School Career Exploration

Digital Curriculum courses designed to help students develop their interests and plan for the future.

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High School Career Discovery

A Digital Curriculum course to help students explore strengths, interests, and preferences and then use that information to plan.

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Work-Based Learning (WBL) Programs

A rapidly expanding area for CTE programs is the addition of WBL experiences. However, sending students into the workplace without preparing them with employability skills or an understanding of what to expect makes for a poor experience for both the students and the business partner. eDynamic Learning provides solutions that help prepare students as well as help scale work-based learning with virtual experiences.

CTE choices of college or workforce for high school graduates

Workplace and Internship Readiness

Prepare students with the employability skills needed to succeed in the workplace with this Digital Curriculum course.

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Virtual Business Simulations

Built in partnership with business experts, Knowledge Matters simulations provide students with a no-risk environment to gain real work experience.

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Virtual Internship Program

A year-long program designed to give students experience managing all aspects of how a business runs and finishing with an end-of-year capstone project.

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