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At eDynamic Learning, our mission is to support you in guiding students in their career discovery to help them match their interests and skills to a rewarding future.
We’ve created these helpful resources to aid you in the process:

Student Placement Guide

A Helpful Tool for Counselors

Help students determine the best course options that are right for them with this helpful Student Placement Guide.


CTE Program of Study Guide

Help students determine the best career pathway or program of study through a succession of courses that often lead to industry certifications.


CTE Program of Study Guide

Industry Certifications Flyer

1-Year Courses Leading to Industry Certifications

These popular courses are designed to prepare students for industry certification exams.  After completing these courses, students are eligible to take the certification exams listed on the left side of this flyer.

DOWNLOAD Industry Certifications Flyer

1-Day Career Exploration Kit

Are you looking for career exploration activities to allow your students to explore their options? With eDynamic Learning’s free 1-Day Career Exploration Kit of activities you can help students identify careers that tie to their skills and interest and help them align more closely with the courses they take in school, or before they apply for a CTE academy. You can implement this kit in a single class, a whole grade level, or even your entire school. You can also use components, like the survey, with individual students. Your free Career Exploration Kit includes:

  • Career Exploration Teacher Guide
  • Parent Letter
  • Student Interest Survey
  • Podcast Video Professions Lesson
  • Podcasts and Videos from Professionals
  • Profession Profile Project Lesson
  • Career Bingo
  • Student Survey


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Career Compass Corner

Career Compass Corner

Allow students to hear from real industry professionals from a variety of careers through audio podcasts to gain perspectives on skills, tools used, job requirements and what they like best or least about their job.

Access PODCASTS & Videos

Required Materials

This document provides the information for each eDynamic Learning course students need in addition to their device. While we strive to have minimal equipment or software, in some cases there will be additional requirements. This is also available in the course syllabus for individual courses.


Required Materials

Middle School Career Exploration 1 and 2

Career Exploration For Middle School

Starting in Middle School, schools have the ability to offer our Career Exploration 1 and Career Exploration 2 courses so that students have the opportunity to consider a variety of career fields and learn more about the skills and education needed for each career path.  This also helps narrow their focus if they pursue a CTE program of study in high school.

Career Ready Program

Career Exploration for High School

Through our Career Ready Program, high school students can take our Introductory Explorer courses in Information Technology, Health Science or Business to discover which pathway and career track is right for them. We also offer our High School Career Discovery course where students will explore 17 career clusters to help them narrow their focus for the future.

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Student Course Overview

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