Personalized online learning for your district, with licensed instructors.

Welcome to Greenways Academy! We are a long-standing institution who provides services for schools and districts as their in-house virtual provider. Our unique approach blends the advantages of a traditional school with the flexibility of online curriculum and teachers, all while maintaining a strong connection to your district. We offer:

Personalized Customer Service
A Variety of Curriculum Tailored to Your School and Students
AP and College Courses as well as Core and Credit Retrieval Options
One-on-One Relationships with Dedicated Teachers
State Certified Instructors Ensuring Quality Education

And that’s just the beginning! Explore the possibilities of a partnership with Greenways Academy – where education meets innovation.


Part-Time Program
Students have options to take single courses that might not be available elsewhere such as unique electives, world languages, or credit recovery courses.


Full-Time Program
Traveling athletes, actors, students with medical conditions, or those who prefer to work at their own pace from home can take a full set of courses.

International Programs
No matter where you live, we can accept most transcripts and support students with a tailored and customized educational experience.


Career Ready Academy
Our Career Ready Academy prepares students for high-demand, high-paying careers right out of high school with industry-certifications.


“Our partnership with Greenways Academy has enhanced our students’ overall academic experience. The online Greenways courses have provided assistance with scheduling issues, as well as the ability to offer courses that are not available in person at our school. This program has allowed our students accessibility and flexibility to stay on track for graduation. The teachers and support staff have been incredible to work with. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns and they truly care about providing a positive learning experience for our students. I highly recommend this program to other private schools!”
-Shayla, School Administrator

“Due to our small size, we are unable to offer many electives on campus. Greenways has provided my students with course options that they would otherwise be unable to access. Our students appreciate the expanded choices, and I appreciate the responsiveness of the Greenways team – they are a pleasure to partner with!”

-Teresa, School Administrator

“We have been delighted with the services and support provided by Greenways and plan to use it as our primary curriculum moving forward. The accommodations I would have to request from most schools for my son’s unique needs are built into the platform. The teachers are highly responsive to questions, requests for extra practice, or even resetting quizzes or assignments.”

-Courtney, Greenways Parent 2023