What Teachers Said About Their Curriculum

A Survey to Teachers

In December of 2022, eDynamic Learning took part in an email outreach to middle and high school teachers across the U.S. to learn more about the curricula they were using for teaching and learning. Teachers could remain anonymous and provide their honest feedback.

The survey results demonstrate that many teachers don’t feel they have the resources needed to effectively personalize their instruction for all types of learners, or provide lessons for substitute teachers when they leave their classrooms.

This article outlines the questions that were posed and some of the key takeaways in the recent survey and how eDL curriculum can support these critical issues that teachers face.


Do you feel your curriculum is comprehensive, fully supporting you and your goals in the classroom? Do you find it challenging to leave the classroom when you have an appointment, travel or are sick?

eDynamic Learning’s curriculum is comprehensive to enable teachers to replace a textbook and share lessons and activities easily with a substitute teacher to keep learning continuous. Teachers are equipped with an extensive set of materials in every course to ensure success. This includes a pacing guide, gradebook, answer keys, required materials, syllabus, teaching guides, and other helpful materials. Each lesson unit provides lessons, project-based learning activities, a podcast, tools for collaboration, “Test Your Knowledge” questions, assessments, and more. 


Do you find that the curriculum you were given this year to teach with is helping you support your students and personalize your instruction?

eDynamic Learning’s curriculum offers teachers a flexible curriculum that allows them to support their students’ individual needs and accommodate different implementation options. Teachers can use one curriculum to serve various learning modalities, abilities, and disabilities, and the location or pace of their students. Built-in features allow them to see students  at risk and falling behind and can group students for remediation or acceleration. Courses meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA, to ensure visual or hearing impaired students who use tools like screen readers, screen magnification software, and alternate keyboard devices, have an equitable user experience. Also the built-in Literacy Toolbar provides various options to improve study skills, aid students with dyslexia or reading challenges, and language translations to support English Language Learners (ELL). Personalization features also enable teachers to make adjustments easily to support IEP and 504 accommodations.


Are you able to incorporate interpersonal skills into your day-to-day interactions with your students? Is your curriculum helping students develop career readiness skills so they are successful post high school graduation?

At eDynamic Learning, interpersonal skills are laced through all our courses, encouraging students to communicate, think critically, and develop a stronger understanding of self and the world around them. Integrating these skills into the context of the subject being taught allows students to consider a career in that field and have a deeper understanding of the skills required and offer practice opportunities. Studies have shown that by teaching students interpersonal skills, their general academic performance improves across other subject areas, and they develop empathy and proper verbal conversations.

eDynamic Learning also helps schools support students in developing career readiness skills to attain nearly 100 industry-recognized certifications while still in school. The curriculum is developed at the onset to meet state and certification exam competencies to provide students opportunities to gain the skills, knowledge, and certifications they need to secure employment post high school graduation or have a competitive advantage when entering college.


Did you receive professional development to help you get the most out of the curriculum you use with your students?

We know how important professional development is to ensure teachers feel comfortable using a curriculum and how to fully utilize all of the offered benefits. The great news is that eDynamic Learning’s curriculum is simple to navigate and teachers find success with using it after a short implementation session. With the staffing shortages that many schools face today, finding ways to help support teachers so they can continue to make an impact on the lives of students each day has been the goal at eDynamic Learning.


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