Continuous Learning

Online Curriculum With eDynamic Learning

Adopting an online curriculum comes with numerous benefits that a textbook can’t provide, like being interactive and offering built-in support tools. It also give valuable data insights to help guide instruction. In addition, eDynamic Learning’s curriculum is developed in-house so we are able to make immediate updates when information has changed, unlike a text version which might take years to revise.

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Flexible and comprehensive online course curriculum to support continuous learning

Additionally, online curriculum enables two-way communication with your students to take place more effectively and efficiently, promoting student agency and engagement, and decreasing passive learning. Below are just a few more reasons why leveraging an online curriculum can be a powerful advantage for schools, teachers, students, and parents!

A Dozen Reasons Why

Continue Working Safely From Home or the Hospital

Your sick, injured, medically vulnerable students, or those that have been exposed to COVID-19 no longer have to miss lessons and risk falling behind. They can stay safely at home or at a medical facility, and continue their learning with built-in support tools that enable them to stay on track and communicate effectively with their teachers.

Continue Working Safely From Home or the Hospital

No lost homework

Weather Conditions Won’t Stop Learning

When weather strikes, you no longer have to close the school down. Teaching and learning can continue from home, helping you avoid having to “make up” days later.

Weather Conditions Won’t Stop Learning

Replace Static Textbooks

No more heavy textbooks for students to lug around, lose or forget at school. This is particularly helpful for students on vacation or traveling to sporting events.

Replace your textbooks for easy and effective continuous learning

Flexible curriculum for any schedule

Avoid Creating or Grading Paper-Based Worksheets

Save time and reduce your paper consumption with eDynamic Learning’s comprehensive online curriculum. Lessons and activities are easy to distribute and grade so you can provide timely feedback and stay connected with your students.

Avoid creating or grading paper based worksheets

No Rote Learning With eDynamic Learning

eDynamic Learning’s online course curriculum incorporates three learning theories to promote a balanced instructional design of courses. Courses are designed to encourage higher-order thinking throughout that include project-based learning activities, labs, and discussion questions that embed soft skills and make learning personal.

No Rotate Learning

Effectively Support Students With IEPs or 504 Plans and Differentiate Instruction

eDynamic Learning’s online curriculum makes it possible for you to support many IEP or 504 plan accommodations through built-in support tools and customizable features that enable the curriculum to be accessible in different ways. You can also provide students with alternative assignments and/or assessments, and allow them to present their learning in a variety of different formats.

504 plan

Individualized Education Program

Make the Curriculum Your Own!

eDynamic Learning provides a strong foundation of content for teaching and learning but gives you the ability to customize it, such as by incorporating your favorite lessons and activities. Easily add videos, documents, images, links, and other media elements to enrich and personalize your course curriculum!

Make the curriculum your own

Less Time Planning for Substitutes

When you’re sick or need to leave the school, the last thing you want to do is create lesson plans for your substitute. With eDynamic Learning’s online curriculum, you can keep your students on track by simply assigning lessons or activities found within each unit.

Less time planning

Take the Guesswork Out of Assessment

Take out the guesswork and lengthy, manual, pen-paper work when assessing student readiness. Instead, access valuable data insights to help you target and personalize instruction.

Take the Guesswork Out of Assessment

Continuously Improving Accessibility

We work hard to continuously improve accessibility. Our courses are designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0AA, enabling all learners to participate, including the blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing.

WCAG 2.0AA logo

Assistive Listening

Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Blind or Visually Impaired

Blind or Visually Impared

Sign Language

Support Mobility Devices

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