Top 7 Courses As Rated By Students

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At eDynamic Learning, we work hard to ensure our courses are interesting, relevant and give students opportunities to learn in a variety of ways. We also include built-in support tools to keep them on track and engaged when their teachers are out of reach.  

At the end of each eDynamic Learning middle school or high school elective or CTE course, students have the opportunity to complete a survey rating our course curriculum and share what they like best and least about the course. Students rate our courses high with an average rating of 4.05 out of 5 stars!  They continually share how much they enjoy the reading, the interactive features, and how it is easy to navigate each course.  They also appreciate how they can communicate and receive feedback directly with their teachers throughout the course, so they don’t have to email or text outside of the course when they have questions.


Top Courses as Rated by Thousands of Student Reviews


1. Personal Psychology

Course description:
Why do you sometimes remember complex things but forget all of a sudden where you left your shoes? Why is your personality similar or different from your siblings? Why do some things motivate you more than others? Discover how you learn and remember, the impact of stress on your emotions and mental health, and what influences your personality and emotions. Basically, let’s explore what makes you ‘you’!


2. Digital Photography

Course description:
We are surrounded by images; in advertisements, on websites, in magazines, and on billboards. Learn how to effectively critique photographs so you can better understand composition and go on to create more eye-catching photographs on your own. Examine various aspects of the photography field including specialty areas, ethics, and famous photographers throughout history.


forensic science course



3. Forensic Science

Course description:
The best way to battle crime these days is not with a weapon, but with science. Dig deeper into the science of forensics and the basic scientific principles used in the lab, such as toxicology, material analysis, microscopy, and forensic anthropology. Find out how scientists use everything from insects to bones to help them solve crimes. And discover how advanced techniques and technology can lead to catching even the craftiest criminal.


4. Introduction to Forestry

Course description:
Thriving forests are an essential part of the health of the planet, from our wildlife’s ecosystem to providing humans with clean air to lumber and paper products. But forests cannot protect themselves and depend greatly on humans for conservation. Learn more about this meaningful relationship and how environmental policy, land use, water resources, and wildlife management all factor into current forestry issues. Forestry offers diverse professional opportunities, and for those concerned about the environment, it is a great choice.

forestry course cover


vet science course cover



5. Veterinary Science

Course description:
Whether you want to step into the wild side of veterinary medicine or just take care of loveable dogs and cats, explore how to care for domestic, farm, and wild animals, diagnose their common diseases and ailments, and learn about different veterinary treatments. If you have always been drawn to the world of our furry, scaly, and feathered friends, this is the course for you!


6. Criminology

Course description:

Why do certain people commit horrible acts? Can we ever begin to understand their reasoning and motivation? Perhaps. The mental state of a criminal can be affected by many different aspects of life: psychological, biological, sociological, all of which have different perspectives and influences. Investigate not only how these variables affect the criminal mind but also how crimes are investigated and handled in the criminal justice system.

criminology course cover


medical terminology course cover



7. Medical Terminology

Course description:

Learning the language is essential for careers in health science. Join word parts to form medical terms, associations within body systems, and better communicate with colleagues and patients. Build your proficiency and confidence with this course and prepare yourself for a career in health sciences.

Student’s Top 7 Favorite Course Features



1. Knowledge Check Questions
Test Your Knowledge’ quizzes are presented to students throughout the course and are not counted as part of their grade. This provides an opportunity to practice and ensure they are prepared prior to taking high-stakes, graded unit quizzes. 



2. Flashcards
Each unit contains a deck of flashcards that allow learners to review the key terms and ideas found within the unit.



3. Course Vocabulary
 Frontloaded course vocabulary gives a purposeful introduction to key vocabulary to make the course content more comprehensible and more engaging for students.





4. Podcasts
Unit Podcasts assist auditory learners with opportunities for reading comprehension and literacy improvements. Students can read along with each lesson and listen to the narrator’s pacing and pronunciation.

5. Course Syllabus






In the course Getting Started folder, students are given access to the course syllabus, vocabulary, bibliography, required materials and tips for being successful in an eDynamic Learning course.

6. Course Bibliography


7. Literacy Support Toolbar

eDynamic Learning Literacy Support Toolbar


All eDynamic Learning courses offer a built-in literacy toolbar to support English Language Learners, students with learning disabilities, IEP/504 accommodations, and to help all students improve their study skills and content knowledge. Through the expandable accessibility icon, students have access to an array of helpful tools. The toolbar is sticky and stays on screen as students scroll through the course, making it accessible when they need it.

Read Aloud With Text Tracking 

Text can be read aloud in 3 speeds and highlighted in 4 different colors. Words are highlighted when spoken, which engages and motivates auditory learners, improves vocabulary, comprehension, information processing skills, and increases their attention span.

Text Translations

Selected words or phrases can be translated and/or read aloud in various languages, providing continuous learning supports for English Language Learners.

Dictionary & Pictionary 

Words can be highlighted and defined using the dictionary and pictionary options. Students can also click the word to hear the definition read aloud.


Strikeout pens and multi-colored highlighters promote study tips. Highlighted text can be collected and transferred to a Word or Google doc for studying purposes.

We strive to design our curriculum to support equity and access and be flexible to meet the needs of all learners, whatever their abilities or disabilities. We also continuously seek and incorporate the latest technological resources that will help engage and support all students.

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