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New Releases for Fall 2019!

March 22, 2019

We are proud to announce our newest and most recently updated courses, available now for Back to School, 2019!

The first courses in the Career Ready Program are now released! Our Career Ready Program offers high school students sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards. These tracks put students on a path to obtain industry certification and to secure employment in high-paying high-demand jobs! The first courses in each of the three Career Clusters — Information Technology, Health Science and Business Management & Administration — are now available, getting students started on a path for a successful future!

From our Elective Program, Middle School Career Explorations 1: Charting your Path has been newly updated to add more high-interest topics, such as Energy and Entrepreneurship, to further help middle school students explore their futures.

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Please contact us  for additional information or a demo of any of these recently released courses.