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New for Back to School 2019:  Revised and Improved Teachers Resources!

June 28, 2019

To improve the teaching experience, we have made important improvements to both how we deliver and what is included in Teachers Resources for Fall 2019 classes.


For LTI users, Teachers Resources are now included directly in the Learning Management System (LMS). This:

  • Allows for teachers to easily access documents, such as Answer Keys, Pacing Guides, Project Based Learning Guides, and Blended Learning Strategies.
  • Reduces the dependence on the LMS Administrator to distribute the .pdf at the start of the school year
  • Captures the latest edits to course content, eliminating the need to push out revised versions of the Answer Key.


 Teacher Resource Content:

  • Answer Keys – for all non-machine graded questions in the course
  • NEW! Pacing Guides – containing suggestions for delivery of your eDynamic Learning Course in both a teacher-directed blending classroom and a teacher-facilitated online classroom.
  • NEW! Project-Based Learning Guide – to help teachers work through real-world scenarios, problems, challenges and rich tasks to help students apply their higher-order thinking skills.
  • NEW! Blended Learning Strategies – 10 innovative strategies that provide details on using an eDynamic Learning course in the classroom.



Required Materials for each course is available the LMS, but also on our website for all courses.

Teachers Resources will be available for all of our courses on July 15 2019.

Click below for additional information, or to learn more about implementing eDynamic Learning courses for fall 2019 classes.


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