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June Update: 17 New Courses for Fall 2019 Classes!

June 13, 2019
Even more courses in the eDynamic Learning Career Ready Program are now available!


With this latest release, all of the introductory, Explorer Courses in each of the 22 career tracks are now available, but also many Launcher and Concentrator courses.

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Our Career Ready Program offers high school students sequenced learning tracks aligned to national standards. These tracks put students on a path to obtain industry certification and to secure employment in high-paying high-demand jobs!

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Business Program


Health Sciences


Information Technology


From our Elective Program:

Culinary Arts 1a: Introduction and Culinary Arts 1b: Finding Your Palate have been rewritten to replace Introduction to Culinary Arts, adding high-interest and important culinary topics, including Knife Skills, Cuisine and Culture, and Tools of the Trade, to further help students explore their futures.


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