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eDynamic Learning (eDL) is teacher founded and the largest publisher of digital Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective courses for middle and high school students in North America.

Built to Florida state standards, our digital curriculum can be used as a course textbook and include a comprehensive set of teacher resources. Our inclusive courses support all learners, including literacy support tools and accommodation features.  Additionally, our courses are flexible and customizable to work within any instructional model, and our curriculum can run on all devices and integrate with nearly all Learning Management Systems (LMS).

With several adoptions planned for the 2025-2026 school year, start your review now to ensure your schools have the best resources. Fill out the form to speak with one of our Florida curriculum experts.

Why do Florida educators love eDynamic Learning?

  • Courses are built to Florida standards (alignments provided upon request)
  • 60 career pathways across most career clusters including: Health & Human Services, Digital Technology, Management & Entrepreneurship, and Marketing & Sales
  • Beyond high school courses, we offer middle school career awareness and exploration curriculum
  • It’s digital! Meaning our courses can be updated more frequently for increased relevancy (and saves backpack space)
  • Our curriculum integrates employability skill development and is aligned to nearly 100 industry certifications
  • Highly rated by students, our interactive and engaging content gets 4+ out of 5 stars from students
  • Easy to implement with professional development and technology integrations (SSO and LMS)

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eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of career and technical education (CTE) and elective courses in North America offering over 250 courses for middle and high schools. Student’s consistently rank courses 4 out of 5 stars.

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