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Strategies for Engaging College Students on Their Journey to Graduation

Bridge the gap between lectures and real-world experience

Embarking on the journey through college can often feel like an uphill climb for both students and professors alike. In this dynamic webinar, we’ll explore innovative approaches to captivate college students’ attention and foster meaningful engagement in their education, while seeing the impact it can have on their future career path.

Tune in to this webinar replay as we delve into practical strategies for bridging the gap between lectures and real-world experience, igniting learners’ interest through gamified experiences, and nurturing the development of lifelong learners. Discover how virtual simulations and interactive games can transform the educational landscape, providing students with valuable skills and insights that they can take into their careers.

Susan West, Associate Professor, Director of Recruitment and Retention, College of Business and Economic Development, Arkansas Tech University

Michael A. Altman BA, MS, Assistant Professor, Director, Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, Meredith College

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“Having a system that is easy to work with and can adapt to the specific needs of a class is invaluable. I work with a number of students who have learning disabilities and special needs …We worked on a plan to modify assignments and oriented observers that could assist the students. This has resulted in faster evaluation of work submitted and better communication between the instructor, observers, and students. The success rate of the students has increased significantly since this collaboration.”

Regina Smart, Agriscience Teacher
Westlake High School and Lake Charles Boston Academy

“eDynamic Learning courses are entertaining and well-designed. They encourage students to explore facets of their interests that they may otherwise not be able to explore; this allows students to learn something that tracks with what they may intend to do in the future. I use my eDynamic Learning courses to enhance the growth mindset of my students. The content is fascinating for the students, and I can help them create practical, modern-day connections between the content and their interests.  In addition, because the content is sound and student-friendly to navigate, I can focus my energy on teaching students analysis, communication, and life skills.”

Katherine Larson, English & Theater Instructor
North Dakota Center for Distance Education

“eDynamic Learning provides strong foundational content and a variety of resources to guide instruction. To address the diverse strengths, abilities, and challenges of all students, eDynamic Learning makes it easy to differentiate instruction, incorporate enrichment activities and offer multiple options for students to showcase their learning.”

Nancy A. Ortner, MSEd, TOSA Career Technical Education
Visions In Education

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