Student Testimonials

“I work at a restaurant, and so I’m doing a simulation in restaurant management or hotel management gives you those ideas of managing your, time, managing your money, and managing people. And so, I frequently think back to the simulations and I definitely think the simulations have better prepared me for no matter what I go into. Especially if I want to do business in college, I think the simulations have helped me more than I think I could realize because I’ve learned so much essential knowledge.”

Nick, Hoover High School
Hoover, AL

“I like sports myself, so doing this sports entertainment sim, that’s wicked fun being able to relate things a hometown stadium, seeing everything like that and picking the players, doing all the little details in the sim waske how realistic this really is to do something that I want to do in the future. It’s cool to see it like I’m big and small level. Before I knew I wanted to go into sports management or sports medicine, but it’s really filtered me over to the sports business side of it.”

Mason, Hillsboro-Deering High School
Hillsborough, NH

“My junior year, last year, I did one of the challenges and I won first place. I think it was in my state and I was able to because it was and I love fashion. I worked in retail for Forever 21 and I was able to see how business worked and like, it actually was true. Like what I learned in the sim actually applied to what was going on with the world and I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” I didn’t expect to be that on point because different trends and styles and the types of colors and everything playing a part with the different seasons and it was really interesting. Personally I actually like playing the real game, The Sims, so like having that and then actually applying what I’m learning in class. It’s like playing the actual Sims so I get to add what I know and am learning from class into the game. It’s actually pretty fun and it’s helped me understand how businesses work.”

Marley, Hoover High School
Hoover, AL

“The team went to the playoffs in the NBA and I remember doing the sports simulation for sports marketing and I’m looking at the concessions and I’m looking at the ushers and I’m thinking back, “I kind of did something like that. I controlled something like that” It’s really cool because you’re seeing this small screen and small simulation put onto real life. I think it’s so cool really having it right in front of you in a smaller version, it helps you. It helps you see the whole thing and you get to see what you like, what you don’t like, and how to figure out these problems. I like making mistakes and trying to figure out, “Uh, what did I do?” And then restart it and then do it again and see if that changed something or what I can do more or better. And I think it’s the whole point of it, really, problem solve it. It’s a really good opportunity to look at different career options that expand in accounting. I think it’s really cool.”

Cayden, Irondequoit High School
Rochester, NY

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