Student Testimonials

“It’s like Learning Blade was made for kids our age to help us really understand STEM careers. I could google “biomedical engineer”, but still not really understand what they do. But Learning Blade has so much information in a fun way that makes you really understand what careers do.”

Lake Hamilton Middle School

“I like Learning Blade because I like learning about new things I never knew about, like Echolocation! It’s super cool!”

6th Grade Student
Oceanway Middle School

“I love the stories about the careers, like how you can build houses!”

6th Grade Student
Twinlakes Academy Middle School

“I like Learning Blade because it opened up a window of opportunity for me to check out different career paths. I was exposed to real life situations that challenged my ability to critically think and problem solve. The tasks were challenging and fun. As I engaged in various missions, I gained valuable insight on various job descriptions, solving world issues, and the engineering design process. Learning Blade is beneficial to all students because it equips them to be global competitors.”

Kylan, High School Student
Billingsly High School

“I like Learning Blade because I get to learn new things.”

6th Grade Student
Jerome Middle School

“Kayden loves that the lessons include hands-on projects that further his education. Avery loves that the lessons are self-paced and that he can work on all the core subjects. Axel is more interested in STEAM careers after completing lessons because he lacked the knowledge of careers that are available to him.”

Students of Amber Southard, Teacher
Miami R-1 Elementary School

“I love the cool topics in Learning Blade. It is a neat platform.”

Roxboro Middle School


“My favorite thing about Learning Blade is learning how to create things using a computer and being able to 3D print it out.”

7th Grade Student
Oakbrook Middle School

Learning Blade enables educators to easily integrate career awareness, STEM, and CS concepts into a child’s education:

  • Contextualize learning by tailoring to the interests of each student
  • Reinforce core academic competencies through state-standard aligned lessons

Learning Blade provides access to interactive online lessons, ready-to-use lesson plans, and activities for grades 5-9. It can be used by any teacher, anywhere. And it has been validated and proven to increase CS/STEM career interest.

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