Educator Testimonials

“Learning Blade has exposed us to so many problem-based activities that are engaging across the disciplines. It encompasses all subject areas so it’s not just math and it has so much diversity yet they are all rigorous and engaging activities that I wish were available when I was in school. I look forward to learning and utilizing these things for my own personal gain as well as for enjoyment and all the benefits it will offer our children, it’s honestly unlimited.”

Reynelda Huggins
6th grade math teacher, Davis Emerson Middle School
Tuscaloosa County Schools, Alabama



“As a 6th and 7th-grade computer science teacher, I am responsible for implementing a career cluster unit to expose them to different professions in the computer science world. Before Learning Blade I had to pick and choose appropriate websites that students could go to to research the career that they were interested in. Learning Blade includes them all and it has allowed me to be more present with the students while they were doing their research, instead of me always trying to keep up with the pre-setup making sure the sites were appropriate and meaningful to the student.”

Julie Carver,
CS and Engineering Teacher
Lake Hamilton Middle School, Arkansas

“I use Learning Blade to inform students about the latest technology.”

Amelina Amheti
CS Teacher
River City Science Academy, Florida

“Learning Blade provides a wide range of interactive lessons and activities that align with computer science standards, making it an ideal resource for celebrating CS Week and beyond. The platform offers engaging content that introduces students to various aspects of computer science, including coding, robotics, and computational thinking.”

Penni Aufderheide Keck
CSTA Idaho President

“My students have a new obsession with coding since completing these missions/courses. Many students chose coding projects for their science fair projects after completing activities in the Introduction to Coding course. The students enjoyed the Introduction to Coding so much that they created lesson plans and activities to teach the younger students in the school.”

Amber Southard
Miami R-1 Elementary School, Missouri


“I live and teach in a very rural area so most students are only exposed to a handful of career paths throughout their life (i.e. oil field, nursing, farming, manual labor). While these careers are extremely important and we need workers in these career paths, I want to expand my students ideas of what they are capable of doing and Learning Blade helps me to do that. I have had several students tell me that Learning Blade has taught them about jobs that they didn’t even know existed.”

Sidney Spinks
Block High School, Louisiana

“I use Learning Blade missions with all of my classes, they investigate and apply what they learn through Learning Blade. Students love it because they read and work individually then they apply what they learn.”

Emre Ozkaya,
STEM Teacher
Dove Science Academy South MS OKC, Oklahoma

“Learning Blade has a ton of different units that fit into any type of curriculum that you’re teaching. I taught four completely different classes each day and yet Learning Blade still had a unit that fit into every single thing that I was doing.”

Dr. Marsha Neal
Daniel Island School, South Carolina

“This is amazing. I wish I had more time with my students so they could explore even more careers. As a new STEM teacher, this is so incredible to help me in planning engagement for student exploration.”

Megan Salzl
Grade STEM Teacher
Little Miami School District, Ohio

“Learning Blade was an effective and efficient solution to teaching the students about a variety of aspects of producing fresh foods and their importance. The students particularly enjoyed activities about careers focused around these areas.”

Helen Branum
CCLC After-School Program Director, Tennessee

Learning Blade enables educators to easily integrate career awareness, STEM, and CS concepts into a child’s education:

  • Contextualize learning by tailoring to the interests of each student
  • Reinforce core academic competencies through state-standard aligned lessons

Learning Blade provides access to interactive online lessons, ready-to-use lesson plans, and activities for grades 5-9. It can be used by any teacher, anywhere. And it has been validated and proven to increase CS/STEM career interest.

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