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LAUSD’s City of Angels High School Now Offers CTE Pathways Preparing Students for Certifications and High-paying Careers

March 9, 2021

LOS ANGELESMarch 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today The Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) online school program – The City of Angels, announced a partnership with the National Education Foundation (NEF) and eDynamic Learning (eDL) to bring access and equity to STEM careers through eDynamic Learning’s CTE Career Ready Program™.  As the largest publisher of online Career Technical Education (CTE) and elective courses in North America, eDL offers the most comprehensive collection of courses focusing on careers highest in demand in the area of Business, Health Science, and Information Technology. These sequenced course pathways prepare students for 69 industry certifications and provide exciting opportunities to go right into the workforce with high-paying careers, whether they go on to college or not.

This is particularly meaningful to students who attend the City of Angels high school and are often faced with individual needs that cannot be accommodated in the traditional school setting. This can include work or family responsibilities, learning challenges or disabilities, or not seeing a connection between school, career and life.  The eDL Career Ready Program will give these students opportunities for exciting futures, while also giving them the flexibility and accommodations they need to be successful.

“We’re excited to provide a path for students that offers flexible options and gives them opportunities to gain the certifications they need in high school that lead to rewarding and high paying careers!” said Donal Kennedy, Intervention and Support Coordinator, City of Angels High School.

NEF and eDL received Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan (UDIPP) approval in December of 2020 with the goal of supporting pandemic challenges that have created learning gaps.  The NEF/eDL partnership will use the NEF IMPACT services (Individualized learning, Mentoring, Performance tracking Awards for students and teachers, Certificates from SUNY-Potsdam in CTE, and Teacher training), to prepare City of Angels student options for STEM careers and college.

The City of Angels online school provides a highly flexible, supportive, and individualized program of instruction and counseling to assist students in the completion of their education.  eDL courses offer built-in tools which support many of the required materials needed to help students be successful during hours when they don’t have access to a teacher. Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 accommodations can be uploaded into the course where a variety of adjustments to the curriculum can be modified to fit the needs of students. Students also have access to a built-in support toolbar that gives them a translation tool in 97 languages, a read-aloud feature, a dictionary and highlighter tool, and other supports for students with reading challenges or other disabilities.

Teachers can give individualized feedback within eDL courses and offer students a variety of options to learn the material in numerous ways, including uploading additional external videos, links, or even adding a video they created specifically for their class.

Students and parents interested in LAUSD’s City of Angels high school program are encouraged to call 310-739-0581 or visit the City of Angels website to learn more.

About City of Angels
City of Angels School is the independent study school for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and offers K-12 students a full-time educational program through weekly appointments.  It is designed for students with special interests and abilities, scheduling problems, or individual needs. The program provides a highly flexible, supportive, and individualized program of instruction and counseling to assist students in the completion of their education and graduation pathways. A positive and respectful climate facilitates critical thinking and risk taking preparing students for college, career and global citizenship. To learn more, visit: www.cityofangelsschool.org

About the National Education Foundation
Founded in 1989, The National Education Foundation’s STEM+ Program offers schools a total STEM System Solution (TSSS) through its three modules: Academic, Robotics, and CTE. This TSSS provides a foundation that allows students to be immersed in learning. Exploration through academics begins with an adaptive learning platform including student assessments. Hands-on STEM products offer the full experience in robotics. The Career Technical Education (CTE) module provides students with the academic and technical skills, with specific training necessary to succeed in future careers.The included IMPACT services are designed to guide schools through the program with mentoring, on-site teacher training, funding for student incentives, stipends for educators, and performance monitoring with weekly reporting. To learn more, visit: https://www.stemnef.org/

About eDynamic Learning
With offices in Southlake, Texas and Kelowna, BCCanada, eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of online Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Elective courses in North America and the only publisher solely dedicated to developing programs of study in pathways to leading industry-recognized certifications. eDynamic Learning offers nearly 200 courses for students in grades 6-12, with a mission to support schools in helping students find their passion and engage in learning. Courses work continuously in any instructional model, run on all devices, and are compatible with nearly all LMS systems. Courses also meet WCAG 2.0AA guidelines and offer translations and literacy support tools. To learn more, visit www.edynamiclearning.com

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Donal Kennedy
City of Angels, LAUSD

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