Instructional Services Support

Welcome to your support page!

As a Client Account Administrator, you’ll be helping your district get up-and-running by managing and enrolling students into Instructional Services courses (ie. eDL courses taught by eDL virtual teachers), and assigning facilitators and observers to students.

In order to best support you with this important task, we’ve created a Client Account: Instructional Services tutorial video.

  • You can view this tutorial in under 30-minutes.
  • Use the “Chapters” video navigation tool to jump to specific sections (hint: it looks like a list on the video toolbar).
  • FAQs listed below the video will help you with common questions you may have.


Thanks again, for being an Instructional Services partner. We look forward to supporting you along the way.

Client Account

Let's Get Started!


How do I access the Client Account?

You will need to visit the following URL:

You should have received your login credentials from your district. If not, please reach out to them.

I accidentally duplicated a student enrollment. How do I delete?

For safety measures, you will not be able to delete a student (or a facilitator or observer) from your Instructional Services Client Account. Instead, please visit and fill out a support ticket. We’re happy to help you with this.