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Career Ready Program

Curriculum for IT, Engineering, Health Sciences, Marketing, & Business Administration

The Career Ready Program™ puts students on a clearly defined, national-standard aligned path to explore career options and acquire the technical knowledge and skills to work towards industry-recognized certification and high-demand careers.

Our most popular career clusters set students on a course to achieving relevant certifications. Focus on high-demand areas, including:

Information Technology + Robotics
Health Sciences
Business Management & Administration + Marketing

At eDynamic Learning, all of our courses are developed in-house by teachers and subject matter experts offering one consistent and simplistic design and interface. This allows teachers, staff, and students to focus on what’s most important: teaching and learning. 

Each course is designed and written with engaging curriculum narratives that employ backwards design methodology to support best practices on how today’s students learn. Each lesson is chunked into bite-sized pieces of text with the integration of visuals to keep students engaged. 

Teachers can also customize course units and lessons allowing them the flexibility to personalize instruction.

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“eDynamic Learning courses function as vessels to help my students set sail on the discovery of their true purpose and are innovative and applicable to real life.  It provides the platform for my success as a teacher. Patient’s families are restricted from entering health care facilities, so volunteering opportunities are sparse. Fortunately, the eDynamic Learning course already has alternate assignments built in for circumstances like these.”

Mariah Dolan, Health Sciences Instructor/Physical Therapist
North Dakota Center for Distance Education 

“Teaching is my passion and I have thoroughly enjoyed introducing my students to the IT field using these courses. In the Unit 2 of the Principles of IT course activity, they are asked to create a website using Google Sites. My students loved this activity. In fact, my students were so excited about creating their own websites that they asked if they could share their websites with one another. My students had a blast sharing their websites and were so encouraging to one another. I have had students tell me how much they love my class and they regularly thank me for teaching them. This is what makes my job so rewarding.”

Kimberly Schor, Technology Instructor
Branson School Online

“eDynamic Learning provides strong foundational content and a variety of resources to guide instruction. To address the diverse strengths, abilities, and challenges of all students, eDynamic Learning makes it easy to differentiate instruction, incorporate enrichment activities and offer multiple options for students to showcase their learning.”

Nancy A. Ortner, MSEd, TOSA Career Technical Education
Visions In Education

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eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of career and technical education (CTE) and elective courses in North America offering nearly 250 courses for middle and high schools. Student’s consistently rank courses 4 out of 5 stars.

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