Meet State Financial Literacy Requirements

Personal & Family Finance Curriculum

Taxes, Credit, Money Management, and More

We all know money is essential in life, and the financial decisions you make today may have a lasting effect on your future. Our curriculum helps students explore how to spend and save your money wisely, and learn key financial concepts around taxes, credit, and money management.

Discover how education, career choices, and financial planning can lead you in the right direction to making your life simpler, steadier, and more enjoyable. Why adopt eDynamic Learning digital curriculum?

Dynamic & searchable content
Built-in literacy toolbar
Auto-graded assessments
Project-based learning
Teacher tools & resources

At eDynamic Learning, all of our courses are developed in-house by teachers and subject matter experts offering one consistent and simplistic design and interface. This allows teachers, staff, and students to focus on what’s most important: teaching and learning. 

Each course is designed and written with engaging curriculum narratives that employ backwards design methodology to support best practices on how today’s students learn. Each lesson is chunked into bite-sized pieces of text with the integration of visuals to keep students engaged. 

Teachers can also customize course units and lessons allowing them the flexibility to personalize instruction.

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“Using eDynamic Learning courses has changed my practice a lot. It allowed me to take myself away from the role of being the one who knows the content and the only one who gives the knowledge, and move to a role of helping students be more self-guided and self-reliant. I have more opportunities to explore supportive resources for lower level students and for more advanced students, I have more time to find extension activities or articles, videos, or other resources for a deeper dive.”

Brian Nagy, Remote Teacher of Record

Nassau BOCES Center for Online Learning

“Built in features such as the podcasts are invaluable. Just four weeks ago, I had a student get a concussion. He could not read the computer screen, BUT he could listen to the lesson podcasts. This is a HUGE plus to be able to keep students up and working when normally they would be struggling to catch up 3 weeks later.”

JoAnna Nehring, Secondary Science Teacher

eDCSD Online

“eDynamic Learning has helped immensely by providing a guide from which to start. The content is superb, and frequently updated. The layout is consistent. The activities contain all the information you need to get started. The flexibility found in the eDynamic curriculum really helps to develop customized learning experiences.”

Anthony White, Migrant Education/High School Teacher

Kodiak High School

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