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Career Tree +
CTE Curriculum

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Become a career development powerhouse with two industry-leading resources! The TFS Results Career Tree is a game-changing narrative and instructional tool that inspires learners with a purpose that matters to them. Paired with eDynamic Learning’s robust career exploration and CTE pathways curriculum, this is a winning combination for your students—and organization!

Discover how this power couple can help you:

  • Motivate students with a personal competitive advantage as they prepare for college and in-demand careers
  • Reduce teacher workloads with proven curriculum, support resources, and strategies to infuse relevance into every lesson
  • Build and scale career development programs that increase graduation rates and CTE completion rates
  • Inspire your community with a powerful narrative to change the way people think about education, careers, and the value you deliver

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“The Career Tree has absolutely transformed our narrative in the community. Students, parents, and stakeholders now see how our programs are the on-ramp to opportunity. For us, everything starts with the Career Tree.”

–CyLynn Braswell, Former Executive Director for College & Career Readiness and Innovation at Northwest ISD

“eDynamic Learning provides strong foundational content and a variety of resources to guide instruction. To address the diverse strengths, abilities, and challenges of all students, eDynamic Learning makes it easy to differentiate instruction, incorporate enrichment activities and offer multiple options for students to showcase their learning.”

–Nancy A. Ortner, MSEd, TOSA Career Technical Education, Visions In Education