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5 Easy Steps to Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning

5 Easy Steps to Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning

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Implementing Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) strategies into your curriculum is not as hard as one would think. In this session, I will share 5 easy ways to integrate this approach at any time and with any content. I’ll also share how Inquiry-Based Learning supports other learning frameworks such as Project-Based and Challenge Based Learning.


Christine Yarzabek

Christine Yarzabek has spent the past 15 years in various roles in education including classroom teacher, Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Professional Learning Manager at Digital Promise, and Manager of Digital Learning Resources at Fairfax County Public Schools along with multiple consulting engagements. Creating meaningful learning experiences has been at the core of Christine’s work with educators and students. She is passionate about helping organizations reach their full potential by encouraging leaders to think differently about learning with the effective use of technology and real-world learning experiences.

Christine holds an MEd in Language and Literacy and also has certifications in early/elementary education, technology integration, and middle-level mathematics. She recently completed an instructional design program with Oregon State University.

Christine lives in Elizabethtown, PA with her partner, Ryan, and their 2-year-old son, Rhys.

Christine Yarzsabek