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eDynamic Learning is the largest publisher of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and elective courses in North America offering over 250 courses for middle and high schools.

The Middle School Library offers middle schools unique elective and career courses for students to explore a variety of professions and receive the knowledge and preparation needed to make life-shaping decisions prior to high school. Digital courses can serve as a textbook replacement or to supplement the classroom curriculum.

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eDynamic Courses Offer

Engaging and Friendly Interface

Engaging & Friendly Interface

Each course offers a consistent, dependable, user-friendly design.

Hassle Free LMS Integration

Hassle-Free LMS Integration

Compatible with your current learning management system.

Flexible Teacher Implementation

Flexible Teacher Implementation

A large variety of teacher resources and course customization options.

Inclusive of all Types of Learners

Inclusive of All Types of Learners

Courses meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA).

Unlimited Flexibility

Responsively Designed

All courses work on all devices, including smartphones, laptops or desktops.

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