Exposing More Students to STEM, Computer Science, and CTE

With Learning Blade you can easily integrate STEM, CS, and CTE concepts into a child’s education. Appropriate for grades 5-9, Learning Blade provides 12 “missions” that contextualize learning and engage all students, including underrepresented and special populations, while reinforcing academic standards. Each of our lessons and resources is indexed so you can see what state standards are being met.

With over 100 careers and 400 lessons in the specific contexts of science, math, English and social studies included, Learning Blade provides the perfect supplemental materials to integrate STEM, CS, and CTE into core courses or be used as a stand alone program (implemented before school, after school, through the counselors office, and more).

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“We have found Learning Blade to be a strong career exploration tool for our middle school students. Its engaging and interactive activities, alignment with standards, and user-friendly design makes it an ideal tool for introducing students to STEM careers. This is a valuable resource.”

– Margie Vandeven, Commissioner of Education, Missouri



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A Complete Toolbox Including

Interactive Lessons

Interactive Lessons

Over 400 online lessons tied to academic standards

Challenge Projects

Challenge Projects

Hands-on, project-based lessons using common materials

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Solve complex problems with the 5-step creative thinking process

Parent Discussions

Parent Discussions

Handouts and easy experiments for at-home discussions

Career Videos

Career Videos

Introduce over 50 careers with real-life people

3D Printing Activities

3D Printing Activities

Create objects that demonstrate science principles

Coding Activities

Intro to Coding

20-hour middle school course providing robust coding experiences

Papercraft Figures

Papercraft Figures

Students make origami-type figures of 100 careers and technologies

New! Introduction to AI Module

From the wheel to the printing press and all the way to the internet, we can mark human history through some key innovations. There’s the world before and the world after. AI technologies are surely another one of those innovations, and the world isn’t going to be the same. But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence? Most of us have a vague sense, but that vague understanding isn’t going to prepare us for the many ways AI will affect our lives. In this course, students will take a walk through the world of AI. They’ll learn what it is, how it works, what it’s already doing for people, and where it will take us in the future.

Want to learn more? Tune in to our on-demand webinar, The Importance of Educating Students on the Impact of AI.

Introduction to Coding Module

This 20-hour course provides everything you need to introduce students to computer science and real, text-based computer programming for middle school.

Includes online lessons, group classroom activities, and complete lesson plans for guiding students through authentic coding experiences. Topics include:

  • Computer hardware and software
  • Simple algorithms and common statements
  • Offline algorithm games
  • Beginning programming
  • Creating a simulated mobile app
  • Concepts of cybersecurity and personal security
  • Exploring common IT careers

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Introduction to Coding

“Computer Science was so foreign to me, but now I feel like I can do this thanks to my training on Learning Blade “Intro. to Coding” resources!”

-Nichelle Ruffin, 7th grade ELA Teacher, MNPS, Tennessee

Why Use Learning Blade?

Student Engagement

Introduce students to a wide range of STEM technologies and careers and engages students through an online, game-based platform.

Equitable Access

Motivate minorities, girls, rural and urban students to explore STEM and Computer Science fields.

Multiple Academic Subjects

Missions address multiple academic subjects, not just science but math, English, social studies and technology.

Aligned to State Standards

Lessons are indexed so you can analyze student skills according to academic state standards.

Learning Blade Statistics

How It Works

Students can select a mission, or teachers can assign specific missions

Mission Dashboard

Students operate missions from a mission dashboard


Interactive lessons introduce careers while reviewing academics

Interactive lessons

The system provides academic skills reports by class or student


Lessons are specifically aligned to state academic standards

State Standards Aligned

Announcing Learning Blade 2023-24 Educators of the Year


National Educator of the Year: Elise Allred, Sycamore Community Schools

Alabama State Educator of the Year: John Hughes, Boaz City Schools

Arkansas State Educator of the Year: Julie Carver, Lake Hamilton School District

Florida State Educator of the Year: Dawn Foster, Manatee County Schools

Idaho State Educator of the Year: Fallon Horrocks, Highland Joint School District

Louisiana State Educator of the Year: Johnny Taylor, East Baton Rouge Schools

Missouri State Educator of the Year: Amber Southard, Miami R-1 School District

Ohio State Educator of the Year: Elise Allred, Sycamore Community Schools

Oklahoma State Educator of the Year: April Gustafson, Oklahoma City Public Schools

South Carolina State Educator of the Year: Alan Lominick, Lexington School District

Tennessee State Educator of the Year: Larry Dale Seals, Hamblen County Schools


Information about the Educator of the Year program can be found here.

quoteLearning Blade is changing students’ conversations about careers. Take for example a Louisa Middle School student who is a wonderful artist and is very creative. Using Learning Blade’s STEM extension activity the student created a PowerPoint to persuade people to donate to a marine animal rescue center as part of the Dolphin Rescue Mission in Learning Blade. It was an assignment that they truly excelled at in a small group setting in which they felt comfortable. The student mentioned that they were now interested in pursuing a career in computer graphics someday.

Mia Brown

Learning Blade Project Director for Ashland Community & Technical College, Kentucky

quoteI love Learning Blade! The kids love that it has interactive elements. It is right on grade level and age-appropriate coding activities.

Amy Baldwin

Gateway to Technology Teacher, Oakbrook Middle School, South Carolina

quoteYou can actually incorporate STEM lessons and activities into every single subject, Social Studies, ELA, Science and Mathematics. Not only that, it’s attached to standards for middle school, and it helps to show careers.

Daren Dotson

Project Coordinator, Region 5 STEM Center, Louisiana

quoteI have learned about many different careers doing Learning Blade that seem like pretty cool jobs! I might not be interested in it but it helps me know what they are like. It teaches me how much you would get paid for that job, and what education you need for that specific job.

Middle School Student

Rocky Mountain Middle School, Idaho

quoteIt is imperative that we are preparing students for the ever- advancing workforce needs. This needs to start early and Learning Blade is providing a way to help middle grade students and educators build that pipeline of a qualified workforce for our employers.

Bradley Jackson

CEO, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Tennessee

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