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Hassle Free LMS

Hassle-Free LMS

All courses are compatible with most Learning Management Systems. If you don’t have a Learning Management System, we can provide one.

Easy Teacher Implementation

We provide the resources and professional development needed for seamless implementation.


Inclusive of all Learners

All courses meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA.


Responsively Designed

Our courses work on all devices, including smartphones, laptops or desktops.

Flexible Licensing

Our low delivery costs offer affordable options for your specific requirements.

quoteMy CTE school has been using eDynamic Learning for the past year and a half. When our students had to transition from blended learning to remote learning they didn’t miss a beat. Our staff uploaded daily hands-on instructional videos directly into eDynamic Learning. The eDL team has been with us every step of the way, always willing to take the time to educate our staff and answer questions daily.

Terry Kass

Cosmetology Instructor, Lake County Tech Campus, IL

quoteWe have successfully broadened our elective offerings with the courses from eDynamic Learning. Not only do they allow students to try their hands at online courses, but the detailed focus into specialized subjects like forensics, sociology or veterinary science, among others, allows our students to explore possible career choices while still in high school.

Claire Cousineau Bennett,

Online Learning Mentor, Cape Fear Academy

quoteThe staff at eDynamic Learning are straightforward and helpful. There are no hidden fees and offering their courses has been by far the best experience versus any other vendor.

Jennifer Kolar-Burden

Coordinator of Curriculum, Illinois Virtual School

quoteeDynamic has the most dynamic, up-to-date, and fresh courses for student engagement.  Their team is highly responsive and the user support is quick and helpful.  School implementation of eDynamic courses is easy and smooth.  Students and staff pick up the flow of these courses without a hitch.

Jessica Williams

History Instructor, Anchorage School District, AK

quoteeDynamic Learning provides a different approach to online learning. With a project based focus for courses and a direct path to career certifications, students get excited about what these courses can do for them. They start to see an opportunity in which their interests outside of school start to provide a direction and a path forward in their schoolwork.

Dan Peterson

Principal - West Hancock High School, Britt, IA 50423

Teacher Helping Student


2023 Codie Award Winner

CODIE 2023 Best Elective Curriculum Solution
eDynamic Learning Elective Courses, eDynamic Learning

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2023 Cool Tool Finalist
Career Planning Finalist

CODIE 2022 Winner

CODIE 2022 Best Elective Curriculum Solution
eDynamic Learning Elective Courses, eDynamic Learning

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2021 Cool Tool Winner
Career Planning Solution
CTE, Exploration & Career-Ready Courses from eDynamicLearning




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